Mysticism of Art and Correlation of Human Body in Space and Time

Mr. Prasenjit Laha
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Space and time connects to our external and internal Universe that surrounds us. Creation implies something arising out of nothing or nonexistence becoming existence. Creation of the world is an order out of chaos. The external world is at constant flux with many levels of reality along with our human body system. The critical understanding only follows when oneself is liberated in a plane not bonded by time and space. Timelessness is the eternal manifestation of life and the universe. Expansion and contraction of the universe reflects our cyclical nature of existence and nonexistence of matter or creation and annihilation both in fundamental particle or large body systems.

My interest is on how we correlate symbolically human forms (ancient/ medieval/ contemporary) with the theory of space and time. Artists (in broader sense) resonate with the universe that they live in thereby giving us the scope to understand various strata of nature, structure and forms. The human body in totality interacts with nature and space. The interaction is reflected through conscious, subconscious or superconscious behavior of human body and the evolution of matter both in function and form takes place through progression of time. Art plays a strong role in documenting the cultural and visual strata of the society. To me, nature is science and art intertwined in a double helix configuration in space. Time is at an eternal dimension over here.

I am going to discuss here the human relationship and understanding of space and time in philosophical and scientific context, through various art forms and practices. In this discussion we will see how ancient sculptures (Trimurti or Trinity, Nataraja, Adisesha and others) symbolically reflect the understanding of science and universal laws of nature, the same way as, contemporary arts (of Daniel Levine, Matthew Barney, myself and others) reveal the present day understanding of life and the universe.

Keywords: Art, Culture, Chaos, Art and Science, Sculpture and Science, Painting and Philosophy, Nature and Art, Universe, Time, Space, Contemporary Art, Theory of Art and Space Studies, Consciousnes, Trimurti, Nataraja, Adisesha
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Mr. Prasenjit Laha

Artist, PaintingsDIRECT, New York
Omnifineart, New York, Barok: Study in Nomadic Information (Advisory Board), American Arts and Science Collaboration, New York Artists Equity and International Association of Word and Image Studies


Prasenjit Laha is an artist working metaphysically with the idea of physics and mathematics through arts. The transition of the interdisciplinary expression covering science and art occurred through a period of involvement in figurative expression and study of abstract fragmentation in art. Laha has shown his work in India, New York and Los Angeles. He has garnered several national and International-level awards, including one from the president and the vice president of India in fine art. He has been instructor of fine arts at the City of Houston (1996), has lectured at Rice University (2003) and has taken part in various art and humanities symposia. Laha is a member of American Arts and Science Collaboration, New York Artists Equity, International Association of Word and Image Studies and Barok: Studies in Nomadic Information (Advisory Board). He is also a musician (tabla) and has taken part in various professional concerts in United States and India. He has performed solo recitals at All India Radio (Calcutta) till 1991. He has written various articles in English and Bengali for various magazines and publications. He is working on conceptual writings along with art involving metaphysical overlaps of science and arts. At present, PaintingsDIRECT, NY, and Omnifineart, NY, represent him.

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