Social and Gender Norms in Roman Tripolitania: Theoretical Perspective on Apuleius’ Apologia

Suzanne Faris
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The Apologia of Apuleius provides a window into many aspects of social and intellectual life in the provinces under the High Roman Empire. Drawing upon post-colonial and gender theory, I shall consider two of the accusations leveled against Apuleius by the curial elite of Tripolitanian Oea: namely, his physical attractiveness and his eloquence. More generally, I shall attempt to assess the underlying social and psychological factors that made an accusation of criminal magic especially plausible in the case of Apuleius.

Keywords: Gender Theory, Post-colonial Theory, Roman Social History
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, History, Historiography, Sexuality, Gender, Families
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Suzanne Faris

Independent Scholar, Tulane University

Dr. Faris holds a Juris Doctor from Tulane University and a Doctorate of Philosophy from Bryn Mawr. She taught at Tulane University as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Classical Studies for two years and previously practiced law in Louisiana. Her specialty is Roman social history.

Ref: H06P0015