Humanities - Aronui: An Intercultural Dialogue About Knowledge

Professor John Drummond
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In bicultural New Zealand Aotearoa the Maori word used for Humanities is Aronui. But it
comes from a non-Western mindset, which organises knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge
in a way quite different from the ways promulgated by Western institutions of scholarship and
research. This paper explores the interesting academic and political issues which lie behind
this difference and what they may mean for Humanities scholars.

Keywords: Knowledge, Scholarship, Intercultural, Cultural Dialogue
Stream: Knowledge, Ethnicity, Difference, Identity, First Nations and Indigenous Peoples
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Humanities - Aronui

Professor John Drummond

Dean, School of Language, Literature and Performing Arts, Division of Humanities, University of Otago
New Zealand

Professor John Drummond is a trained musician who works as a composer and musicologist.
He has been heavily involved in music education nationally in New Zealand and internationally;
he was President of the International Societ for Music Education from 2000 to 2002. As Dean
he is involved in Humanities policy-making and implementation and is a founding member of the Council for Humanities in New Zealand Aotearoa

Ref: H06P0152