A Community Development Project for Developing Children's Creativity and Participation Through Artistic and Cultural Activities

Suhaini Muda,
Azlin Hilma Hillaluddin
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In studying the development of children participation, Yellow House that has been established based on the Article 31 of the CRC is taken as a case to be studied. As an organisation that stresses on the child’s right to leisure, play and participation in cultural and artistic activities, various programmes are being organised to involve the children in the planning and implementation processes of the programmes. This study mainly investigated and analysed the activities and programmes carried out for children since its conception in 2001 until April 2005 in order to find out whether the elder will be more responsible towards the young and give the children the undeniable rights and whether the children will be able to participate through the carried out programmes and activities.

Keywords: Children Participation, Community Development
Stream: Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Developing Children's Creativity and Participation Through a Community Development Project

Suhaini Muda

Lecturer, Faculty of Communication and Modern Languages, Universiti Utara Malaysia

Azlin Hilma Hillaluddin

Lecturer, Faculty of Social and Human Development, Universiti Utara Malaysia

Ref: H06P0153