Postcolonial Contradictions

Dr. James Penney,
Dawn Fulton,
Aisha Karim,
Clare Talwalker
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James Penney's 'Loving the "Terrorist": Genet among the Palestinians' interrogates Genet's genre-defying meditation on his experiences with the Black Panthers and the pre-intifada Palestinian resistance. By systematically violating the frontiers of the hegemonic western identity-formation in late modernity, Genet offers a radical vision of contradiction as betrayal--an injunction gleefully to expose the censored brutality which guards the borders of worldly power in the occupied Palestinian territories.

In 'Tamarind Trees like Steam Engines: Making Things Commensurable in Indian Colonial Textbooks,' Clare Talwalker examines textbooks of the mid-nineteenth century British colonial period against the backdrop of western Indian capitalism. She reads the textook lessons as symbolic resolutions of the contradictions and conflicts imminent in the socioeconomic transformations of the colonial period, showing how they reflect the emergence of the money form in colonial India.

Dawn Fulton's 'Dissonant Mappings: Caribbean Migration in the Western Metropolis' analyzes the contradiction between colonial and metropolitan symbolic framewords in two novels of Caribbean migration, Marie-Clelie Agnant's La Dot de Sara and Gisele Pineau's L'Exil selon Julia. More specifically, the figure of the grandmother produces an oppositional relationship with the urban landscape, requiring mappings at odds with the implied mappings of the metropolitan city.

In 'Failed Texts: Globalization and the Third World Novel,' Aisha Karim argues that postcoloniality features a structural displacement which splits the axis of otherness in two. Otherness operates simultaneously with respect to the relationship between the United States and the once-colonized and that between the colonizer and the colonized. Ben Okri's Famished Road provides an example in fiction of the necessarily failed attempt to resolve this contradiction of alterity.

Keywords: Colonialism, Postcoloniality, Genet, Okri, Agnant, India, Contradiction, Marxism, Palestine
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Globalisation
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Dr. James Penney

Assistant Professor, Cultural Studies Program, Trent University

Dawn Fulton

Trent University

Aisha Karim

Trent University

Clare Talwalker

University of California Berkeley

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