The Spiritual Dimension of Intercultural Language Education

Dr Chantal Crozet
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This paper reviews and questions concepts of self and identity behind current models of intercultural competence within foreign language education. It explores the role of non-cultural spaces, silence and spirit in communication and considers what it could mean to educate for intercultural competence from a spiritual perspective.

Keywords: Self and Identity, Language and Culture, Intercultural Competence, Education, Spirituality
Stream: Teaching and Learning, Religion, Spirituality
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Spiritual Dimension of Intercultural Language Education, The

Dr Chantal Crozet

Lecturer, School of Language Studies, Australian National University

Chantal Crozet is a language teachier and researcher in the School of Language Studies at the Australian National University. Her main research interests are in culture in communication, the teaching of culture & the development of intercultural competence within foreign language education. She has co-edited three books in this area: Striving for the Third Place, Intercultural Competence through Language Education (1999) with Anthony Liddicoat and Joe Lo Bianco; Teaching Languages and Cultures (2000) with Anthony Liddicoat and Teaching Invisible Culture, from Classroom Practice to Theory (2003) with Joe Lo Bianco. Her current research focuses on the spiritual dimension of Intercultural Language Education.

Ref: H06P0176