In the name of... Democracy, security, and peace: Superpowers and the oppression of human race

Dr. Muammer Cetingok
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The subject matter of this presentation is to examine the efforts of superpowers potentially harmful to democracy and peace and jeopardizing human and civil rights on a global scale, and the role of humanities in counterbalancing such efforts. Lately, democracy, human and civil rights, and globalization seem to be employed as buzzwords by the superpowers. These countries appear to restrict the basic freedoms and rights such as self-determination,speech, privacy, and legal protection that citizens globally are supposed to enjoy. As such, human and civil rights arguments are employed to suppress the rights to the point of mere survival or death. As the superpowers argue for the globalization of democracy, human and civil rights, they are aided by their twisted use of the meanings of these concepts and security and peace, as well, while cleverly hiding their dissonance with the universally accepted definitions of these terms. Therein lies the potentiality of a disastrous end, which is an oppressive state of affairs where every human being is reduced to a non-entity subjected to a life of misery, marginalization and eventually extinction.
Therefore, the purpose of this presentation is two-fold: 1) to explore how seemingly noble superpower speech for democracy, human and civil rights and globalization result in the tragic process and outcomes of human misery such as the cases of Iraq, Afghanistan, the Guantanamo internment of people without due process of law, and lately, the oppression of immigrants in France, and, 2) to delineate humanities roles in reversing such processes and outcomes through the academic and social actions of all educators in the humanities disciplines.

Keywords: democracy, security and peace, superpowers and human oppression
Stream: Political Science, Politics
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Dr. Muammer Cetingok

Professor, Social Work, The University of Tennessee College of Social Work

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