Communication Alienation and the Other: An Ontological Perspective of Interpersonal Communication . .

Dr. Gerald Powell
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Current examinations of interpersonal communication have often ignored the ontological paradigm and, for that matter, ontological issues within interpersonal communication. Ontology is fundamental to human communication and is essential to understanding the interpersonal communicative dynamics transpiring between two communicating agents. Being, non-being, alienation, anxiety, and death are common-ground salient issues that humankind confronts. These issues not only are ontologically significant to humankind but also are ontologically significant to interpersonal communication and color how we examine interpersonal communication, talk about interpersonal communication, and theorize about interpersonal communication, ultimately affecting the inter(intra)personal communicative process. My central concern here is to advance the ontological significance of alienation (non-being) and the role it plays with humankind seeking interpersonal relations with the “Other.”

Keywords: Alienation, Being, Non-Being
Stream: Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication, Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
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Dr. Gerald Powell

Assistant Professor, Coppin State University, Humanities, Communication

G.A. Powell is an Assistant Professor of Communication and Humanities. His most recent works inlcude Sartean Implications of a Collective Consciousness for Multicultural Studies and Communication Alienation and the Other: An Ontological Perspective.

Ref: H06P0199