Ethnic Culture & Globalization: A Critical Analysis

Ms Thoibisana Akojam
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Every element of indigenous peoples, heritage, has traditional owners, customs, laws and practices. The contemporary wave of global culture, which is driven by, flows of people; technology, finance, information, images and ideology throughout the world have started defusing the cultures of different countries by assigning their own meanings and value. Sometimes culture has very critical dimensions that are heavily value loaded, and can be even violently contentious, as we have recently seen demonstrated in the fate of the Bamian Buddhas in Taliban Afghanistan. How can we begin to overcome the already-entrenched alienation of modernization? How can we retrieve and preserve relevant traditions both indigenous and foreign? Are modern technology and mass media killing off traditional cultures? Or can local cultures use technology to promote their survival? Is there a chance to give then breathing space in the globalized world? Or is the question to safeguard local culture a myth? The paper will critically examine the third world perspective of nation –state, tribal and minority community who are living in a transitional period, which is characterized by chaos, disorder, anarchy, instability, uncertainty and confusion while opening up to the new era of all round development and at the same time tries to cling to the traditional and indigenous values.

Keywords: Ethnic Culture, Globalisation, Indigenous Values, Technology, Mass Media
Stream: Globalisation, Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
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Ms Thoibisana Akojam

Research Scholar, Depth of Humanities and Social Science, Indian Institute of Technology -Guwahati

My area of interest includes medical ethics, religion , culture, feminism, phenomenology and embodiment,other contemporary ethical issues. Interested in attending seminar and conference concerning any field related to humanities. Written a paper on feminism and religion entitle " 'Nirrti'- The Dark Goddess", and 'Philosophy of the Body'

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