Seeing Culture, Seeing Schapelle: Schapelle Corby as (Inter)National Visual Event

Dr Anthony Lambert
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The recent arrest and conviction of Australian Schapelle Corby on charges of drug smuggling in Indonesia ignited a range of national and international political and racialised tensions. This paper explores the Schapelle Corby phenomenon as an intersection of events and practices across the field of visual culture. It places the analysis of Schapelle Corby related visual texts and associated sites within an examination of history, national identity, national security and public memory. Thus the paper seeks to articulate and explore Australia’s place within the Asia-Pacific, and the resurgence of nationalistic and neocolonial discourses within the contexts of globalisation and the 'war on terror'.

Keywords: Visual Culture, Terror, Representation, National Identity
Stream: Immigration, Refugees, Race, Nation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Seeing Culture, Seeing Schapelle

Dr Anthony Lambert

Lecturer, Department of Critical and Cultural Studies
Division of Society, Culture, Media and Philosophy, Macquarie University


Anthony lectures in the Department of Critical and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University, Sydney, where he is the convenor of postgraduate studies. Anthony completed his PhD at Murdoch University in 2002. His publications include papers in Interpretations, Balayi, YGCL, Metro, Reconstruction, Postcolonial Text, MIA and SCAN. He has a chapter in the new book Gendered Outcasts and is working on a book about Australian visual culture. His research and teaching interests include Cultural Studies methodologies, identity and space, Australian film and culture; representations of gender and sexuality; anti-colonialism; posthuman and cyber-subjectivities.

Ref: H06P0228