Family Background, Parents’ Aspirations, and Taiwanese Students’ Aspirations

Dr Chih-Lun Hung
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In this study a number of parents and students selected from the grade six families in Taiwan, for a more in-depth analysis of their views on educational and occupational aspirations in the future. The interviews indicated that parents from both middle and lower social status backgrounds had quite high aspirations for their children. A greater number of the middle status parents, however, wanted their children to go to university, than did lower social status group parents. In addition, children from middle social status families and lower social status families both expressed that they would like to get higher degrees and have good occupations in the future. Middle social status children appeared, however, to be more certain about their aspirations and tended to have occupational aspirations that they felt would be supported by parents. In addition, while the lower social status students often had higher educational aspirations, they tended to be related to lower levels of the occupational hierarchy.

Keywords: Aspirations; Achievement; Taiwanese families
Stream: Sexuality, Gender, Families
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Paper: Family Background, Parents’ Aspirations, and Taiwanese Students’ Aspirations

Dr Chih-Lun Hung

Assistant Professor, Department of early childhood care and education, Chung Tai Institute of Health Sciences and Technology, Taiwan

Ref: H06P0023