Improving Understanding and Mending the Heart: The Search for Wholeness in a Violent Time

Prof. Tyson Anderson
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Materialism, violence, and religious fundamentalism are significant and interrelated parts of the pragmatics of the study of the humanities in the United States today. The humanities are in a position to challenge these components of the dominant culture, and indeed they must challenge it if professors are not to be simply "commissars" for the status quo.
Education for a new humanity is an education for wholeness, an education which will "improve the understanding" and "mend the heart," in Adam Smith's words, and which in turn is an education for contemplation and peace.

Keywords: Materialism and Violence, Understanding and Mending the Heart, Secularization of Education, Demand for Cheap Energy, Pragmatism and Contemplation
Stream: Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Improving Understanding and Mending the Heart

Prof. Tyson Anderson

professor of religion and philosophy, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Saint Leo University

Tyson Anderson teaches and does research in the areas of Buddhist-Christian dialogue, world religions, American culture, and philosophy.

Ref: H06P0025