Surviving Murambi

Prof Nasrin Qader
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This paper will explore the ways in which representation underlines a program of recuperation of identity and a politics of reconciliation. It focuses on Boubacar Boris Diop's novel, Murambi, Le Livre des Ossements and shows the ways in which a movement within ethics occurs as an interruption is inscribed within the logic of representation. The paper argues that the novel traces the itinerary if a survivor; and that becoming survivor implies this interruption, which also marks the site of a shift in ethics. While in representation, ethics belongs to the generality; that is representation requires a general ethics, survival, on the other hand, requires a singular ethics. In other words, in this shift one's relationship with the event takes a turn, which opens the possiblity of becoming a survivor.

Keywords: Ethics, Rwanda, Representation, Genocide
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
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Prof Nasrin Qader

Assistant Professor, Department of French and Italian, Northwestern University

Ref: H06P0262