Creating a Museum: How Students Can Transform Ideas About the Past

Malcolm Philip Jamieson Hay
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This presentation is a description of a unit of work for year ten History that involved the creation by students of an exhibition illustrating various elements of a range of past cultures. its aim was to challenge and trasform preconceived ideas about the past and the relative value of different world cultures. This was achieved through students acquring or creating artefacts and accompanying labelling, which were then displayed as a temporary exhibition in the local museum. The success of the unit in engaging students with the past and in challenging their own notions of other cultures through a rela life task can have lessons for the ways the teaching of history can be used to transform outmoded, unjust and unhelpful ideas.

Keywords: Transformative Teaching, History Teaching, Museums as a Learning Tool
Stream: Teaching and Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Creating a Museum

Malcolm Philip Jamieson Hay

Teacher of History, English and Film and Television, Nambour State High School, Education Queensland

I have been a teacher of History, English and Film and Television in Quensland for 22 years. Currently I am also enrolled in a PhD in History at ANU.
i have a strong interest in the transformative potential of education and use critical education theroy to ground my teaching.My teaching often foregrounds the ways in which marginalised groups are represented in texts and are perceived by dominant groups.
I have presented a paper at BERA 2004 on transformative teaching and have had a co-authored paper published in Education and Society.
When I am not teaching I am palnning my next trip to somewhere in the world.

Ref: H06P0028