Global Education- Stories from Australia

Ms Julie Dyer
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Students today are living in a global world. There is a need for schools to educate students about this world. This world needs to be seen through a range of perspectives - social, cultural, environmental,political, economic and spiritual. In order to educate about this 'world', 'new' curriculum policy needs to reflect this globalised world. This proposal will give an insight into the curiculum designed to prepare students for the future worlds they are entering with specifc reference to Victoria, Australia.

Keywords: Global Education, Curriculum, change
Stream: Teaching and Learning, Globalisation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Global Education

Ms Julie Dyer

Lecturer, Deakin University

Julie has had an extensive career spanning education across teaching, consultancy and research. Currently in teacher education, Julie is developing programs for pre-service teachers in Social Education, Curriculum Studies and Global Education with links to local and global communities. She is also developing programs for pre-service teachers to undertake school experience in new places-interstate and overseas. Julie is researching the teacher stories of travel in a global world.

Ref: H06P0286