Students’ Perceptions and their Knowledge of the Impact of Globalisation on Islamic Values in Malaysia

Dr Adlina Ab. Halim
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Globalisation causes great impact on our daily life. Despite the impact on ICT and economic aspects, globalisation has a greater impact on social and religious values. The writer examines on how globalisation affects the inculcation of Islamic values among Malaysian students and teenagers. The findings of the study suggest that the majority of the students have more positive perceptions of the impact of globalisation. It is also identified that there are certain factors that have overall negative effects on Islamic values. The paper concludes that there is a significant and strong relationship between students’ perceptions and their knowledge of the impact of globalisation.

Keywords: Students’ Perceptions, Globalisation, Islamic values
Stream: Globalisation
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Dr Adlina Ab. Halim

Lecturer, Department of Government and Civilisational Studies,
Faculty of Human Ecology, University Putra Malaysia


Ref: H06P0287