Are Needs of Disadvantaged Families Met by Family Support Services?

Alexandra Kozlova
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Family Support Services are undergone changes in countries with transition economies. What are main problems which make families to seek support? Are services meeting needs of families? How are services being delivered? What things might be helpful to improve quality of services? Are family service programmes evidence-based in Eastern Europe? What principles and methods are used to evaluate effectiveness of services for families?
Four East European countries: Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine took part in international research on family support. Semi-structured interview and questionnaires were used to collect characteristics and opinions of families who are users of different services, governmental and non-governmental. Families were asked about services which they used in the past year. General health state of adult members of the families and emotional and behavioural problems of children were also investigated in the research.
Lack of social networks, lack of information on available services, financial difficulties are reported as the main problems of disadvantaged families.

Keywords: Family Support, Social Services, Disadvantaged Families, Eastern Europe
Stream: Sexuality, Gender, Families
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Alexandra Kozlova

Research student, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of Oxford

Alexandra Kozlova graduated from Department of Psychology, St. Petersburg State University, Russia in 1996. She was teaching psychology and social work for 8 years in Russia. She won fellowship from International Fellowship Program, Ford Foundation in 2004 and continues her post-graduate study in Social Work in University of Oxford, UK.
Main areas of interest: child development; parenting; family functioning; evidence-based interventions; family suport services; evaluation of social services; community social work.

Ref: H06P0311