Gender in Post 9/11 America

Ms Maria Velazquez
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This project seeks to examine American constructions of gender in post 9/11 media. Of particular interest to this project will be the surge of advertising that ostensibly celebrates “real” femininity, either through glorifying notions of authentic “girly-ness” or melding definitions of femininity into a capitalistic, patriotic matrix that collapses American femininity into a marketing gimmick and demographic. In analyzing this collapse, I will make parallels between the evolution of depictions of media femininity in post-WWII America, using this comparison as a means to analyze not only the conflation of American femininity with capitalism, but the effects feminism and the civil rights movement have had on media images of femininity. I will use as my national focus The Gap’s recent series of ads featuring Sarah Jessica Parker. I will also discuss a recent series of ads for Mohegan Sun, a casino in the New England area.

Keywords: Gender, Femininity, American Studies, Media Studies
Stream: Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication, Ethnicity, Difference, Identity, Sexuality, Gender, Families
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Ms Maria Velazquez

Graduate Student, Gender/Cultural Studies Program, Simmons College

Maria Velazquez is a graduate from Smith College and a masters candidate in the Gender/Cultural Studies program at Simmons College. She is entering her second year.

Ref: H06P0032