Rights of Preventive Detention Detainees

Dr Rusniah Ahmad
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The paper will highlight the rights of preventive detention detainees in the context of Malaysia and the importance of adhering to international standards. These standards are proposed as another revenue for detainees to apply to the courts for a review of the legality of their detention.Therefore the process of judicial review will be enhanced and detainee's rights will be uphold by the judiciary.

Keywords: rights of preventive detention detainees
Stream: Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Rights of Detainees According to International Standards in Preventive Detention

Dr Rusniah Ahmad

senior Lecturer, Department of Law, Faculty of Public management & Law, Northern University of Malaysia

Author has been teaching law at the Faculty since 1991, she has chaired the committee of the Masters Program and the coloqium committee including the Staf's welfare committee of the Faculty.Her areas of interest are law and ethics, constitutional law and administrative law.

Ref: H06P0350