The Exploitation of Childhood: Finding Effective Solutions to the Scourge of Child Trafficking

Prof Carol Allais
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The problem of child trafficking is huge in scope, both culturally and politically sensitive. While the global experience in combating child trafficking is relatively young, tackling this kind of complex issue is possible where countries are comitted to addressing the problem as a matter of urgency.

Keywords: Child Trafficking, Global Crime, Slavery, Sexual Exploitation
Stream: Immigration, Refugees, Race, Nation
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Prof Carol Allais

Chairperson, Department of Sociology, University of South Africa
South Africa

Her academic interests include industrial and organisational sociology, the sociology of development, education and leadership studies. She has published in all these fields. Her current area of interest in human trafficking, particularly trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation. She is also involved in a number of HIV and AIDS projects.

Ref: H06P0353