Curative Water Springs of Kallithea Muncipality: A Case Study of Island of Rhodes, Greece

MSc Gerasimos Antonatos
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The purpose of the present study is to introduce the curative water springs of Kallithea as an alternative tourist proposal, which will show off, reform and enrich the tourist product (massive coastal tourism) of the island that follows a downward course during the latest years. Certainly, the basic motive for the tourist of the area will continue to be the sun, the sea and the excellent climate. The point is however, this tourist product to be combined and enriched with something more and new which will meet new requirements, mainly the ecological and environmental. Therefore, one of the tourist forms which will manage to do that in Rhodes, is the curative tourism. All the parts of the project, theoretical and searching, was based on the principles and targets of the environmental education.

The methodology we used in our study is : a) that of the semi-structural interview from a sufficient number of the residents and authorities of the area with subject the curative water springs of Kallithea. b) It’s also been considered as necessary, the elaboration of an economical study that shows under which circumstances and financial conditions, the re-operation of the curative water springs can be viable.

The conclusions, which very concisely have been held from this study are the following :

• Only a small percentage of the sample was aware of the curative water springs of the area.

• The biggest percentage of the inquired people was aware of the healing virtues of the water springs.

• A big percentage had noticed the inflow of foreign population in Rhodes, in order to visit the curative springs, even if they do not operate.

• Only the 15% of the inquired people had realized the real cause for the non-operation of the curative water springs, which is the long-standing inactivity of the local authorities.

• It’s also very alarming for the local community of Rhodes the fact that, the 10% of the sample wasn’t aware of the stoppage of the curative spring’s operation.


1. Papadomarkakis Ioannis – PhD student of University of Aegean

2. Antonatos Gerasimos – PhD student of University of Aegean

3. Fokiali Persa – Assistant Professor of University of Aegean

4. Anastasatos Nikos – Lecturer of University of Aegean

Keywords: Curatice Water Springs of Kallithea, Re-operation, Alternatives Types of Tourism, Environmental Education
Stream: Science, Environment and the Humanities
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Curative Water Springs of Kallithea Muncipality

MSc Gerasimos Antonatos

PhD Student, Section of Pre-school Education and Educational Designing, University of the Aegean
Rhodes, Dodecanece, Greece

I am 36 years old and I work in Muncipal of Rhodes in the financial department since August 2005. Before that, I was working as a Sales Manager in Pepsico-Ivi Greece for 6 years. I have a Master in business administration in tourism from Open State University of Greece. My deplomatic project was about alternative types of tourism in Dodecanece.
Now I am PhD Student of University of the Aegean, in environmental education. My project concerns the connection of tourism with the environmental education.

Ref: H06P0388