E-Learning: Cons and Pros

Prof. Amnon Caspi
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A lot is said and written nowadays about E-learning. My "Devil's Advocate" approach to the subject is based not only on a lot of research done, but also on a little humoristic thinking - coming from my language - Hebrew. When you say, in Hebrew, "E-Learning" it can be understood as "No Learning"....

In my 15 minutes presentation I will argue some of the deficiencies of the E-Learning methods - trying "to destroy" the concept totally. And there are some very good arguments to suggest so. Based, do not be surprised, on humanistic arguments...

But, in the second half of the presentation - an attempt will be done to show some validity in the "Idea" of E-Learning - and mainly - what must be done to save it - and to make it works. It is a conceptual paper - well bounded in reality, experience and research - and I do believe that the discussion after the short presentation will be of value and interest to all participants.

Keywords: E-Learning
Stream: Teaching and Learning
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Prof. Amnon Caspi

Prof., Director and Academic Head, Graduate School Of Business Administration
Acadmic Head - of Zefat Acadamic College, Bar Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

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