Negotiating Identity: Contemporary German-Namibian Literature and Its Function in the Construction of Identity

Mr. Oliver S. Mueller
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Since its independence in 1990, Namibian society has experienced a period of rapid change. Ethnic group that were oppressed under colonial and apartheid regimes have gained political and – to a certain extend – economic powers. On the other hand, social change has also affected once-dominating social groups such as the German-Namibian population. Questions concerning one’s identity as a German-Namibian are ever-present in today’s society. By looking at examples of contemporary German-Namibian literature that has been published since independence, this paper will analyze ways in which these texts negotiate notions of German-Namibian identity. Although both critics and scholars usually see the literary output and merit of German-Namibian literature as limited, this analysis will show its important function in reshaping identity among German-Namibians.

Keywords: German-Namibian Literature Since 1990, Literature and Identity
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
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Mr. Oliver S. Mueller

DAAD-lecturer, Department of Germanic and Romance Languages
Section German, University of Namibia, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst/German Academic Exchange Service


Ref: H06P0399