Red Light, Green Light, Caution: Community Acceptance or Rejection of ESL/Bilingual Education Programs

Dr. Marguerite Parks,
Michelle Fuerch
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Red Light, Green Light, Caution: Community accepatance or rejection of ESL/Bilingual programs. Dr. Marguerite W. Parks, Dr. Michelle Fuerch. The third in a series of research papers on ESL/Bilingual Education in small rural schools this paper examines first the history of ESL/Bilingual education in five rural schools in Southeast Wisconsin. The paper then looks at trends in the districts and the implementation of programs. The focus is on the communities' responses to, and attitudes towards, school funding of ELS/Bilingual Programs. Research is based on existing documents, surveys and personal interviews of community members, parents, teachers and administrators.

Keywords: ESL/Bilingual Education
Stream: Teaching and Learning
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Red Light, Green Light, Caution

Dr. Marguerite Parks

Associate Professor, Education Foundations, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Marguerite Parks is an Associate Professor of Educational Studies with an emphasis in Multicultural Education. She has been in higher education for 15 years teaching first at Ripon College and then at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Research has focused on issues of power and privilege and how they affect teachers in the classroom. Publications range from ESL/Bilingual Education to Multicultural Education to the story of an African American teacher who taught for 64 years.

Michelle Fuerch

Professor, Romance and Classical Languages (Spanish), Ripon College

Michelle Fuerch is a professor of Spanish at Ripon College. She specializes in Medieval and ealry modern Spanish literature, the role of minorities in Spanish literature and Portuguese colonialism in South East Asia. Her publications are in the areas of the village communities of Goa, Morisco identity in Spain and ESL/Bilingual Education in the United States.

Ref: H06P0040