Higher Education and Globalization: Rethinking in Universalism vs. Particularism

Dr. Bakhtiar Shabani Varaki
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An important debate within universities but also among researchers, diplomats and governmental sectors all over the world is currently taking place toward globalization and its relevance to higher education. According to this, the major questions in this paper are: 1. is there any contradiction between indigenous particularities and global universality? If so, what is the major challenge between the proponents and opponents of universalism/globalization? 2. How does globalization relate to higher education? / What is the impact of higher education on Globalization?

Indeed, this paper addresses the issue of educational studies confronting the challenges of dialectic process of universalism and particularism. Further, based on Iranian culture and somewhere else, in this paper globalization define as humanization. And so it is articulated that globalization is never antithetical to localization. They are actually complementary to each other and form a dynamics dialectic socio-cultural process. Higher education in the increasingly globalized world should seek to make individuals aware of their roots so as to give those points of reference that enable them to determine their place in the world, but it should also teach them respect for other cultures.

Keywords: Higher Education, Globalization/Humanization, Localization, Universalism, Particularism
Stream: Globalisation
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Paper: Higher Education and Globalization

Dr. Bakhtiar Shabani Varaki

Faculty member, Associate professor at Ferdowsi Univesity of Mashhad, Ferdowsi Univesity of Mashhad
Mashhad, Khorasan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Ref: H06P0412