US Aid Policy: The Impact of US Aid Policy on Democracy in Jordan and the Arab World

Prof. Abdelmahdi Alsoudi
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The objectives of the paper are to increase understanding about United States aid policies to Jordan and to other Arab countries and assess their impact on democratization and political reform during the last decade; examine US levels of aid funding to Jordan and to other/Arab countries during the last decade; conduct interviews with relevant policy-makers regarding future policy that will be followed for the allocation of US aid for the new ‘Greater Middle Initiative. Finally to increase our understanding of US future aid and policy regarding the methods that will be followed to spend the new US aid that allocated for the new ‘Greater Middle East initiative for democracy’.

Keywords: United States, Aid Policy, Jordan, Arab World, Democracy, Political Reform, MEPI
Stream: Political Science, Politics
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: US Aid Policy to the Arab World

Prof. Abdelmahdi Alsoudi

Professor, Faculty of humanities and Social sciences, sociology Department, Jordan university
Amman, Amman, Jordan

Abdelmahdi Alsoudi, is a prof. at the sociology Department, Jordan University. He holds a Ph.D from Keele University UK 1986 and had been teaching at Jordan University sense 1986. He worked at United Arab Emirates University 2000- 2002. at Princess Ragmah University 2003, at Bonn university summer 2004 and at Georgetown university summer 2005. He is also the director of Jordan Cente for Policy Studies. He published several papers about: political participation, crimes, Islam and Democracy, environment and Anti-Americanism in the Arab World. He participated in several international, regional and national conferences and work shops. His last research project is about: The impact of US aid policy on democracy and political reform in the Arab World. plz. webpage:

Ref: H06P0414