Peer-Peer Dialogues about Grammatical Forms: First Language Use in Immersion Classes

Dr Margaret Gearon
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This paper presents some uses of English (L1) by adolescent students in a late partial immersion French programme. A qualitative analysis of peer-peer interactions during a jigsaw and dictogloss task was undertaken to examine how the students used their L1 to improve their grammatical knowledge and
metalinguistic awareness. The analysis showed that the use of English enabled them to focus attention on lexical and/or grammatical gaps. It also confirmed S Swain's view that peer-peer dialogue can provide insights for L2 students into their linguistic shortcomings and help them to develop strategies for solving
these through collaborative tasks.

Keywords: Collaborative Tasks, Peer-Peer Dialogue, Partial Immersion, L1 use in L2 Classroom Tasks
Stream: Language, Linguistics
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Peer-Peer Dialogues about Grammatical Forms

Dr Margaret Gearon

Seniior Lecturer in Second Languages Education, Faculty of Education, Monash University
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

After teaching French and Italian in Australian secondary schools, and
English in French schools, Margaret Gearon moved into teacher education
in languages at Melbourne and then Monash Universities. She has conducted
research into teachers' use of the target language in secondary school
classrooms in Australia and is currently researching a partial immersion
programme in French at a secondary school in Melbourne. Her other research
interests include the development of biliteracy and biculturalism in
community languages after-hours programmes and the changing needs of
pre-service teacher trainees in languages.

Ref: H06P0427