The Possible World of Spirit

Prof. William Weiss
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Using the theory of possible worlds, as described by Keir Elam, and the commonplace concept of theatrum mundi, as described by Lynda G. Christian, theatre is seen as an inset play of the actual world (W0), which in turn is viewed as a play of the spiritual world (Ws).

Keywords: Theatre, Spirituality, Semiotics, Theatrum Mundi
Stream: Religion, Spirituality
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Paper: Possible World of Spirit, The

Prof. William Weiss

Professor, Department of Theatre, University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

William Weiss teaches theatre theory, theatre history, voice, movement, acting and music in the theatre at the Department of Theatre of the University of Ottawa. He has published articles and books in the realms of voice, acoustics of speech, movement, mime, music in the theatre, and theatre and spirituality. This last realm is a continuous search of meaning in the philosophies and religions of East and West.

Ref: H06P0431