The Experience of Whistleblowers in the Workplace: A Sexual Harassment Perspective

Dr. Sabitha Marican
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Sexual harassment is devastating. It damages people, destroys careers, and a high costs to organizations. Whistle blowing towards sexual harassment is one of the ways to curb such unethical behaviors at workplace This paper in particular focuses on the factors related to whistleblower’s experience and anticipation towards complaining sexual harassment behaviors at workplace. It uses a meta critique approach based on various studies that was conducted among public sector employees. The discussion will bring forward the findings related to experience and anticipation of whistleblowers, in particular the refusal to take complaints seriously, risk to the complainant and the lack of meaningful sanctions for the perpetrator and the importance of social support in the organization. Finally various strategies in encouraging whistleblowers towards sexual harassment will be discussed in an effort to create a healthy and ethical workplace.

Keywords: Sexual Harassment, Whistleblower, Gender, Organization
Stream: Sexuality, Gender, Families
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Experience of Whistleblowers in the Workplace, The

Dr. Sabitha Marican

Assoc Professor, Facultiy Of Public Management And Law, University Utara Malaysia
Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia

Dr Sabitha is an associate professor in Public Management and has been an academic staff in this university for the past 20 years. Apart from teaching, Dr Sabitha has also written six books relating to public policy, management and research method. Her primary research interest is on issues related to human resource, organizational sociology and gender at workplace.

Ref: H06P0435