Man the MisInterpretant: Will He Discover the Universal Secret of Sexuality Encoded Within Him?

Judy Kay King
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Biosemiotics (biology interpreted as sign systems) explores the biologic and evolutionary emergence of meaning, intentionality and the psychic world. Grounded in the theory of C. S. Pierce and T. A. Sebeok, this paper expands on what Jesper Hoffmeyer terms “Evolutionary Intentionality” or the power present in code-duality (the organism itself and DNA). It is shown that dominant human activities (sexuality, religion, science, and so on) are cultural biosemioses (biological message flows) explaining fundamental reality, viz., the copying of genes and coding of proteins for two competing evolutionary adaptations for species survival. The problem of interpretation arises because the intentional embodied mind of man does not understand the role of signs in the universal organization and evolution of life due to the deceptions or secrets of biopower. Thus, the rise and expansion of biopower (itself a biosemiosis of the universal secret of sexuality or evolutionary survival) is traced from Ancient Egypt to the modern era allied to three themes: royal incest, the Christian phenomenon of sinful sex, and the production of modern sexuality as examined by Foucault.

Keywords: Biosemiotics, Evolutionary Genetics, Intentionality, Biopower, Religion, Sexuality, Ancient Egypt, Christianity, Michel Foucault
Stream: Knowledge
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Paper: Man the MisInterpretant

Judy Kay King

Gaylord, Michigan, USA

My work centers on biosemiotics in cultural activities (mythology, literature, religion, science, art and so on) to determine human meaning, expand intentionality, and share knowledge about our potential for evolutionary survival and adaptation within the universe. My background includes an education grounded in semiotics, a ten-year career in college instruction related to writing, literature, mythology and business communication courses, academic positions in project management and staff development, self-employment as a competitive grant writer for educational goals, and experience as an author and publisher. I am interested in the enlightenment and preservation of humanity.

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