An Introduction to New Literacy Studies: The Work of James Paul Gee

Dr. Kathleen Taylor Brown,
Jeanna E. Cooper
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The goal of this paper is to make explicit the conceptual keys of Gee’s scholarship, “literacy is not considered a singular construct” but rather, individuals maintain multiple literacies relative to their environment (both physical and social) and explore Gee’s extensive contribution to the field of New Literacy Studies which includes several key topics such as a new definition of literacy as it relates to the concept of “Discourse” within the contexts of situated language; the impact of Discourse on learning and the role of connectionism in the constructs of the literate; how the organization in the time of new (fast) capitalism and its “shape-shifting portfolio” employee have identified the need for an organizational Discourse as central to their success; and, most recently, the consideration of video games as a model for best practices in learning, literacy and Discourse acquisition.

Keywords: Literacy, Discourse Analysis, Linguistics, Technology, Rhetoric, Semiotics
Stream: Language, Linguistics
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: An Introduction to New Literacy Studies

Dr. Kathleen Taylor Brown

Assistant Professor, Communications, Arts & Humanities,University College-McKeesport, Department of Communications Penn State University
McKeesport, PA, USA

My background is holistic and includes both practical experience and solid research skills. I have participated nationally as a presenter and author for industry conferences and peer reviewed publications.Educational accomplishments include: Bachelor of Science degree from Lock Haven University was an important first step in my academic pursuits, which includes a Master of Liberal Arts degree and a Master of Business Administration from Duquesne University; I received my Doctorate of Science, Information Systems and Communications, from Robert Morris University. My business background in the private sector is rooted in the operations of my family's dairy business, where I spent nearly two decades learning and ultimately accepting the full responsibility for management of the marketing, sales and human resources functions.

Jeanna E. Cooper

Instructor in Information Sciences and Technology, Information Sciences and Technology, The Pennsylvania State University, McKeesport Campus
McKeesport, PA, USA

Ms. Cooper is an Instructor in Information Sciences and Technology and teaches for both IST and Business major coursework at Penn State McKeesport. Ms. Cooper also coordinates the Career Services Department and identifies and compiles institutional research for her organization. Ms. Cooper has a B.S. in Science (General) with a minor in Psychology, an M.S. in Computer Information Systems and is currently enrolled in a D.Sc. program in Information Systems and Communications at Robert Morris University. Her research interests are intra-disciplinary and include institutional research on recruitment and retention issues, communications and culture, privacy concerns in the classroom, service learning, as well as data warehousing and data mining issues, online education, the effects of the Information Age on organizations (both structure and function), and the visual display of information.

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