Mosaic the Mall

Caroline Hale
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This presentation will deal with a project “Mosaic the Mall” that involved young people from the local community in the design and execution of a series of mosaic panels that were to be installed in a public place.

The difficult process of undertaking a project of this scale involving children across a broad range of ages, and the utilisation of a public space with all the inherent problems involved in working with local government and business people must be balanced by the potential for fostering positive attitudes to place and a sense of belonging within the broader community that are a less measurable result for the students involved.

It seems clear that participation in community based events gives individuals and groups a sense of ownership and of identity, particularly, if the ‘works’ they were involved in making are permanently in place.

Mosaic the Mall not only provided tangible art works but expanded public awareness of art and the diversity of opportunity for the expression of pride and belonging within the community that community based art can facilitate. Insight into different sectors within the community can also be gained; in the case of Mosaic the Mall into the world of often marginalised young people.

Keywords: Visual Arts, Public Art, Community Arts Projects, Mosaics
Stream: Aesthetics, Design
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Mosaic the Mall

Caroline Hale

PhD Candidate, School of Drama, Fine Art and Music
Faculty of Education and Arts, Univeristy of Newcastle

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Ref: H06P0471