Home and Identity Between East and West, Past and Present: The Encounter Between Morroco and Spain in 'Cuentos de las dos Orillas'

Dr. Barbara Schulz
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The short stories describe the secular relations between Spain and Morroco, two countries that have been united through a common history and shared cultural heritage. The narratives thematize important aspects of the history and current social and political problems of the two countries: the memory of Muslim conquest, the Reconquista, ethnic and religious discrimination, migration and border crossings of various generations of immigrants. I want to explore how cultural memory is reworked in these narratives, and how identities are shaped in the encounter between past and present, East and West.

Keywords: The Arab-Muslim World and the West, Migration - Cultural identity
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Home and Identity between East and West, Past and Present in Cuentos De Las Dos Orillas

Dr. Barbara Schulz

Assistant Professor, Division of Social Sciences and Modern Languages, Eastern Oregon University
La Grande, Oregon, USA

Grew up in Germany. Studied at University of Heidelber (Applied Linguistics/Translation). To U.S. (Oregon) in 1988 for Graduate Studies in Comparative Literature. Ph.D.1907. Worked in international education in Mexico 1992, Ecuador (1992-1994), Germany (1994-1996). Teaching in Oregon since 2000 (Reed College, EOU).
Research: urban transformation and identity in Latin American Literature.
Interest in Maghreb through music: violin player - tunes from the Middle East.
New research area: the encounter between the Maghreb and Spain in Music and Literature.

Ref: H06P0485