Moving Manchester, Mediating Marginalities: Humanities in the ‘Contact Zone’

Dr. Corinne Fowler,
Prof Lynne Pearce
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In January 2006, a research team began work on a £356,547 AHRC-funded research project, which aims to give serious critical attention to the published narratives in English by writers who have migrated to, or through, Greater Manchester (England) since 1960. The research team aims to consider the active contribution of the narratives to wider social and cultural change by examining the range of commentaries they have generated.

As yet, the project is in its early stages. As well as providing an overview of progress so far, the presenter will provide a frank account of the ethical and political dilemmas encountered by the research team in attempting to involve the wider public in the research. She will discuss the process of re-conceptualisation necessitated by debates emerging from the ‘contact zone’ of daily interaction with the creative writers, community or independent publishers, agencies and organisations that have long played a crucial role in promoting this writing.

Keywords: Research into Narratives by Writers Who Have Migrated Through, or to, Greater Manchester Since 1960, Diaspora, AHRC Research Project, Creating an Electronic Catalogue of Creative Writing From Greater Manchester
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Ethnicity, Difference, Identity, Immigration, Refugees, Race, Nation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: 'Moving Manchester'

Dr. Corinne Fowler

Researcher, English and Creative Writing
Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster University


I also specialise in contemporary travel writing and journalism about Islam. I recently co-edited a special issue of the international journal Journeys on travel writing and ethics and have just completed a book (forthcoming) on travel writing, journalism and the history of British ideas about Afghanistan.

Prof Lynne Pearce

Professor of English Studies, English and Creative Writing, Lancaster University

Ref: H06P0495