The Hegemonies of Desire: Romance in Judith Hermann's Nichts als Gespenster (Nothing but Ghosts)

Dr. Steven James Joyce
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By employing the idea of the "hermeneutic circle" to examine "Nichts als Gespenster" (Nothing but Ghosts) by the critically acclaimed Berlin author Judith Hermann, I hope to bring to light the "ambient meanings" of romanticism in this ostensibly post-romantic era. At the same time, I hope to establish a literary critical and comparative connection to the German "Fruehromantics" who as romantics, nonetheless revealed an ambivalent relationship to the Enlightenment. In particular, I will to refer to Friedrich Schlegel's understanding and definition of romanticism by way of comparing and contrasting Judith Hermann's literary work.

Keywords: Hermann, Judith, Nichts als Gespenster, Romanticism, Schlegel
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
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Dr. Steven James Joyce

Associate Professor of German, The Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, The Ohio State University-Mansfield
Mansfield, OH, USA

Professor Joyce has been the recipient of the OSU-M Excellence in Research award and twice the recipient of the Excellence in Teaching award. He has received several Fulbright awards to Vienna, Austria and Bonn, Germany. His research interests are in Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard and Berlin author Judith Hermann. He has also published a book on George Bernard Shaw and articles on Calvino, Proust, Stoppard among others.

Ref: H06P0522