Feminist Rewritings of Political Representation: Looking at Case Studies

Dr Chantal Maille
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In Canada, a plurality of feminist discourses and actions have emerged to counter the many problems related to democratic life. From strategies targeted at increasing the numbers of women elected to pressures to implement a more pluralistic electoral system, the marginalized voices of women have been present in Canada's political life. However, feminists have not yet been fully successful in their attempt at revising traditional liberal democratic rules. Our paper will review some of the most important initiatives taken, such as Summer Schools, How to... Guides, Mentoring Programs, as well as pressures to move from representative to participative democracy.

Keywords: Feminism, Political Theory, Democracy, Canada
Stream: Political Science, Politics, Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
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Dr Chantal Maille

Associate Professor of Women's Studies, Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Ph.D. in political science, Chantal Maillé is Associate Professor of Women's Studies. Her recent work has focused on theories of political representation and on the location of postcolonial theories in relation with francophone communities. She is the author of many books on women's movements, feminist contributions to mainstream politics, social policies and globalization. Her most recent recent research project analyses the impact of different feminist initiatives around traditional political structures. She has written extensively on feminist issues, and is interested in identities issues in relation to feminism.

Ref: H06P0535