The Importance of Hagiography in the Humanities: Promoting Peace and Tolerance

Dr. Rose Rudnitski
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Through historical analysis of biographies of such saints as Francis of Assisi, Mother Theresa, Milarepa and others, the author demonstrates how stories of lives of exceptional compassion, generosity and humanity among saints and heroic human beings can be used to promote a world view of peace and tolerance in the curriculum. This view is an important educational tool as humanity becomes more globalised and as capitalism is thrust upon cultures that have long histories of spirituality that are being ignored in the name of development. Values of humility, honor, sharing and peace can be infused in the curriculum through the study of these lives.

Keywords: Religion, Teaching, Spirituality, History
Stream: Teaching and Learning, Religion, Spirituality
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Dr. Rose Rudnitski

Associate Professor, Department of Educational Administration, State University of New York
New Paltz, NY, USA

I specialize in History of Educational Leadership and Values and Ethics in Education. Current research interests are social justice, values in leadership, education for a global society, and peace education. Latest study was on American adolescents' views on the war in Iraq.

Ref: H06P0556