‘Phallogocentricism’ in Drama: A Comparative Study of Selected Works of Anton Chekhov and Femi Osofisan

Dr. Adebisi Ademakinwa
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There is no doubt that very few works have been written on Anton Chekhov in the main of gender relations and there have been fewer comparision of his work with that of African writers. This work utilizes the sociological conceptual framework as a paradigm to analyse selected plays of Anton Chekhov and a Nigerian playwright, Femi Osofisan.

The work critically analyses two plays by each author using comparative yardsdtick to determine their areas of convergence and divergence. This work reveals that Chekhov’s and Osofisan’s works betray the primacy of power tussle in gender relations even within the ambience of ‘scientific realism of Chekhov’s age and the social reality of contemporary Nigeria.

Phallogocentricism is used to explain the depth of Chekhov’s and Osofisan’s works as an innovative tool gauging gender relations in order to provide a more rounded understanding of the characters and situations in the selected plays

Keywords: Phallogocentricism, Gender
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: ‘Phallogocentricism’ in Drama

Dr. Adebisi Ademakinwa

Lecturer, Department of European Languages
Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria

I worked for two years as a journalist.I have written eight plays, one of them " Osusu :the Story of Creation" won a Longman award in 2002 in a nation-wide creative writing competition.I have also directed many stage plays while I have acted, and stage managed plays under almost all the known theatre director in Nigeria.I was a lecturer in the Department of European Studies, University of Ibadan. At present I teach in the Department of European Languages and I also teach Theatre courses in the Department of Creative Arts, University of Lagos, Nigeria.

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