Greek Students’ Interaction Attending Secondary Education with European Culture: The Contribution of Literature

Dr Stella Naki
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Since 1974 the term ‘european dimension in education’ was first used to emphasize the necessity of enriching the curriculum of students with elements creating positive behaviour towards Europe. In Greece the European dimension in education is being implemented mostly through the teaching of literature which consists of translated literary texts from European literature and this constituted a part of the curriculum. Students are being taught either through the framework of the subject ‘Modern Greek Literature” or through an optional subject entitled “Modern Greek Literature”. It is the teaching of such texts that helps the students form a positive attitude towards Europe and European civilization. Through the comparative theory of texts written by Greek and European writers is it made clear that there has been an interaction between Europe and Greece that enables us to consider the European civilization as as whole unit.

A teaching methodology that is appropriate for the achievement of that goal is the one a) that includes comparisons between Greek and european literary texts in terms of style, theme and influences, b) that gives the opportunity to the students to interact with the text by answering appropriate questions given to them by the teachers, that incite their interests and develop their thought, c) that links the teaching of literature with other forms of fine arts, d)that includes the use of internet as tool from which a number of information relating to the text can be extracted. In an European society that it always broadens its borders it is of high importance the preparation of Greek students to act and feel as European citizens without losing their national identity.

Keywords: European Dimension in Greek Education, Teaching of Modern Greek Literature, Teaching of European Literature Translated in Greek, Comparative Theory, Interaction with the Literary Text, Use of Internet
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies, Teaching and Learning
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Dr Stella Naki

Greek Literature, Filekpsideytiki Eteria, Arsakeia – Tositseia Schools

I got a scholarship from the national scholarship organization of Greece in order to start my Post- graduate studies. In 2000 I got my M.Sc. in the University of Athens, Faculty of Philosophy and then I continued my studies to get my PhD. I also speak English, German and Italian. I have participated in two conferences with papers regarding a. The teaching of modern European literature translated in Greek, (Conference of Pedagogical Company of Greece, Athens 2002) and b. the teaching of Greek language with the use of new technologies and especially with the use of computer. (University of Thessalia, Volos 2006). For 4 years now I work as a teacher of Greek Literature in the Arsakeio school of Psychiko. I teach modern Greek language and literature in the secondary education. I enjoy reading Literature in my free time and especially European literature. I am married.

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