Two Bodhisattvas: Buddha and Marx

Dr. Kevin M. Brien
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After giving a sketch of humanistic Marxism and the "four noble truths" of Buddhism, I bring out some of the main similarities and differences of the two perspectives. E.g., that both perspectives are concerned with the reality of human suffering; that both see human beings as the makers of themselves; that both reject fatalism; that despite some differences, both offer complementary ways of understanding the spiritual dimension, and of transcending or greatly mitigating human suffering.

Keywords: Buddhism, Humanistic Marxism, Humans as Makers of Themselves, Human Suffering, External Conditions, Internal Conditions, Karma, Social Karma, Ego Self, Samsara, Unalienated Spirituality, Enlightenment
Stream: Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
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Dr. Kevin M. Brien

Professor of Philosopy and Religion, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Washington College
Chestertown, Maryland, USA

Ref: H06P0569