Innovation in Research on Islamic Political Thought: Obstacles and Impediments

Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
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If research, knowledge production, and theorization are equal to innovation, we have to accept that Islamic political thought suffers from a slow movement in innovation. The small number of researches that exist in this field, repeat themselves using a different terminologies and word orders. Obstacles on the way of development of researches in Islamic political thought need to be surveyed in depth. Such a survey will probably encounter the same obstacles.

This paper aims at a brief review of a number of obstacles that have been experienced during concrete research procedures by the author. The obstacles are categorized into four groups. Yet, being interrelated, the border between them is not clearly identified. The first group is related to the researcher which includes: unnecessary caution, no reference to original texts, definition of the problem form an abstract perspective, no reference to concrete examples and texts. Tec second category is related to the cognitive and educational system of the Islamic world. Among these problems there are a variety of historicism, lack of centrality of knowledge and weakness of scientific procedures. The third group is affected by the scientific system of the West, in which the discussions are not defined by themselves. The last group is created in the concrete political situation of Islamic countries and includes: transformation of basic concepts in political thought into political and ideological issues, and vulgarization of basic concepts in Islamic political thought.

Keywords: Islamic Political Thought, Development of Research, Cognitive and Educational System
Stream: Political Science, Politics
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Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani

Vice of Chairman, Political Sciences
Centre for Cultural and Social Studies, Ministry of Sciences

Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Ref: H06P0579