'I Get It!': Bringing Global English and Creative Diversity Together

Prof. Linda Conway Correll-George
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Each culture has its own traditional use and meanings of English. An “office” in New York City would be a “cabin” in New Delhi. A “boot” would be worn on the foot in Seattle; and used as an automobile receptacle for luggage in London.

Additionally, English is rooted in the ambiguity of word meanings within each culture. The manipulation of this aspect of the language can increase the richness of its creative applications.

Since 2003, Creative Aerobics (CA), a sui generis ideation model designed and used in the United States by the presenter for a dozen years, has been utilized by both business communities and academe in various cities in India (Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Mumbai).

Because it focuses on process to arrive quickly at multiple fresh, out-of-the-box solutions, it allows different cultures to come together in the creative process. CA consists of four mental exercises that build upon one another, developing custom data bases of information for each. Using CA, diverse participants deliver ideas that they might not have located with traditional problem-solving skills. It is creativity on demand. In this model, the stress and anxiety usually encountered in brainstorming, but particularly when the dynamics of culture and identity are in play, are replaced by laughter, relaxation and productivity. Consequently, CA can exponentially increase both the quality and the number of creative solutions arrived at by its users.

Participants in this proposed workshop will have an opportunity to learn Creative Aerobics in an interactive dialogue, as well as to view award-winning work done by participants from both English and Indian cultures, who employed the CA model.

Keywords: 'I Get It!, Creative Aerobics, Creativity, Ideation, Brainstorming Reinvented, Language, Copywriting, Problem Solving, Advertising
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Prof. Linda Conway Correll-George

Assistant Professor, Department of Advertising
College of Journalism and Communications, The University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, USA

Linda Conway Correll is an award-winning (more than 40 regional, national and international awards) veteran of first-tier advertising agencies in New York City, Texas and New England In 1990, she entered academe as an adjunct instructor at Rhode Island School of Design, the country’s leading art institute, followed by teaching stints at Northeastern University in Boston, and at Southeast Missouri State University. Currently, Ms. Correll is in her sixth year at the University of Florida. To date, her students have received 142 local, regional and national awards for their creativity using her innovative Creative Aerobics (CA) ideation technique. Her book, Brainstorming Reinvented, which outlines the CA process, was published by the Response Division of Sage Publishing in 2004. Ms. Correll has been honored five times with election to the Who’s Who of American Teachers, most recently in 2005. She is a member of the American Advertising Federation (AAF); the American Academy of Advertising; AEJMC; AFM; Delta Kappa Gamma; and the Advertising Club of Bombay.

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