Technological Change in the Postproduction Film Industry: Case Studies in Melbourne, Australia

Dr Virginia S. Murray
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The shift from mechanised to computerised editing systems in the Australian film and television postproduction industry has resulted in major dislocation of traditional career paths. Many entry-level positions have vanished and those that remain have become technically rather than creatively orientated. At the same time other employment opportunities have emerged.
Drawing on a series of case studies from focus-group interviews, this article suggests that computerisation has intensified existing patterns of advantage and disadvantage created by gender and reputation.

Keywords: Gender, Work Histories, Employment, Technological Change, Film and Television Industries
Stream: Sexuality, Gender, Families
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Technological Change in the Postproduction Film Industry

Dr Virginia S. Murray

Lecturer in Scriptwriting, School of Creative and Communication Studies, Deakin University
Melbourne, Australia

Virginia Murray worked for ten years in the Australian postproduction film industry working as a sound and picture editor. Duriing that time she wrote and directed several award-winning short films. She now works as a writer, script editor and teacher for Deakin University, Melbourne. Her interests include film and film theory as well as employment practices in film and other cultural industries.

Ref: H06P0611