Crossing Borders: Spatial Topologies in Science and Literature

Dr. Christos Doukas
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This paper attempts the exploration of the Science-Art relationship. The exploration is accomplished through the space and time concepts. Using the physical concepts of space and time as a starting point, a search is carried out for influences, mental and interpreting schemes, which enrich the Science-Art relationship and expand the capacity for a deeper probing into reality. More specifically, the space concept is analyzed into its three dimensions, the physical, the conceptual and the experiential one. These three concepts interact with each other and can be used as a means for the critical reading of spatial topologies in a particular work of art, the poetry of G. Seferis. Generally, this study concludes in a frame of reference for education, which specifies the Science-Art overlap that can be used as a basis for teaching/learning designs.

Keywords: Science-Art Relationship
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Crossing Borders

Dr. Christos Doukas

Councellor of Physics, Pedagogical Institute of Greece

Ref: H06P0619