Creativity, Technology and Product Design

Dr. Gloria Boone,
Dr. Linda Gallant
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Many product designers employ rational, formal business rhetoric when discussing their ideas. Product users create a narrative or mythic form when discussing new designs. Different pathways and methodologies for creativity are examined from rhetorical, artistic, and business frameworks.

Keywords: Creativity, Design, Product Development, Rhetoric, Invention, Usability, Design teams, User-centered design, Participant-centered design
Stream: Cyberspace, Technology
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Creativity, Technology and Product Design

Dr. Gloria Boone

Professor, Communication and Journalism, Suffolk University

Dr. Gloria Boone is a Professor of Communication at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. She teaches classes in Rhetoric, Information Architecture, Usability, Web Design, and Advertising. She has published books on Rhetorical Communication and on Business Communication. Recent articles deal with Communicative Informatics,Usability and Rhetoric. She has presented academic papers and consulted with businesses and health care organization on information architecture, usability, communication and IMC. As a classically trained rhetorician, she believes that the arts and the humanities inform "new" developments in web design, technology and communication.

Dr. Linda Gallant

Assistant Professor, Information Design and Corporate Communication, Bentley College

Linda Gallant,Assistant Professor at Bentley College, teaches and writes about Web Design, Infomatics, and Research Methods. Linda Gallant has published articles in Management Communication Quarterly and in Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. She does consulting for communication, web design and usability.

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