The Scriptural Evidence of Islam: Ramifications for the West

Prof. Terry Lovat
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The paper will explore scriptural evidence in the Islamic tradition which has capacity to fortify dialogue with the West on the basis of the notion of a common tradition existing between Islam and the major religious traditions of the West. This common tradition will focus not only on the central Abraham legends and lineage but on recently revived evidence of the strong role played by the 'Muslim Jesus' in the early inspiration of Islam. At the same time, this evidence will be unveiled as the cause of much of the misunderstanding and tension that exists between Islam and Judaism and Christianity in particular. The role of the work of the Tunisian scholar, Mohamed Talbi, will be central to the thesis being put in the paper that the common tradition has greater potential for unity than disunity.

Keywords: Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Scripture, Evidence, Heritage
Stream: Religion, Spirituality
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Interpreting the Scriptures of Islam and Implications for the West

Prof. Terry Lovat

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education and Arts, The University of Newcastle AUSTRALIA

My major research work and interest has centred on dialogue, encounter and movement within and between the major religions and new spiritualities. Funded project work has centred particularly on the impact on minority religious groups of multicultural and multi-faith settings. Work has focussed especially on Hindu and Islamic populations in Australia. I am a lifetime member of the Sri Venkateswara Hindu Temple Community of Sydney and have received an award for my academic contributions to dialogue from the Gallipoli Islamic Community of Sydney.

Ref: H06P0067