The Integrative Agenda Revealed By Mapping Hodges’ Health Career Care Domains Model and Selected Works of Michel Serres

Mr Peter Jones
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This paper explores the integration agenda by mapping selected writings of Michel Serres and a health care model created by Brian Hodges in the UK. Michel Serres, a French philosopher has published more than twenty books, an oeuvre subject to debate. Serres' output contrasts with Hodges' Health Career - Care Domains - Model (hereafter referred to as h2cm), which is without philosophical foundations. This is a serious deficit from a nursing theory and practice perspective. A key objective of the paper is to identify avenues of inquiry that might lead to the formulation of philosophical underpinnings for Hodges’ model.

The paper explains why h2cm was created in the early 1980s. Since being taught and using Hodges’ model in community mental health nursing, the author has recognised that h2cm can reach beyond local clinical and academic agendas to encompass individual, family, community and global levels of health, social and pastoral care. This includes policy, promotion and education, research, informatics, equity, care delivery models, public involvement, culture, service development and evidence based care. While successful application of any model ultimately depends on its users, the problems of the 21st century make the potential h2cm user base and beneficiaries immense.

Common themes are epistemology, the relationship of the sciences to the humanities, space and time, noise, information, interdisciplinarity and spirituality. To begin the paper reviews a selection of Serres’ ideas, Hodges' model is then introduced, the study and practice of caring, locally and globally is brought to the fore by fusing Serres’ atlas and Hodges’ model. Researcher’s attention to Serres and Hodges can be justified on the basis of integration. Integration of research (triangulation), knowledge, care disciplines, conceptual integration in the cognitive sciences, global economics and development. Mapping is central to the integrative agenda, health care and fittingly Abbas’ latest text.

Keywords: Michel Serres, Brian E Hodges, Model, Nursing, Conceptual Framework, Synectics, Holism, Global Health, Health Care, Social Care, Pastoral Care, Informatics, Social Contract, Natural Contract
Stream: Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
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Mr Peter Jones

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